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Black Week Outlet

Here you can find a wide variety of high-quality products to unusually low prices! A first-come-first-served policy applies as there is only one article per product listed. Note that the Outlet-category includes products that are not brand-new. Possible error codes may vary for each product but are clearly described for every article beneath. As a compensation for the substantially discounted price, warranties are not included. You still have the right to make complaints as usually for non-known issues for a three-year period. For more information regarding this, please contact customer service.

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[B-stock] Extractor Hoods from Lofra

Purchase a high-quality extractor hood from Lofra to a incredibly low price! Here you will find extractor hoods from the series of Dolce Vita and Elisir, in different sizes and designs. There are only one extractor hood per variety.

Why are these extractor hoods sold at a discounted price?
The hoods are returned products due to mild transport damages. They have various small aesthetical damages such as scratches and dents. Works in brand-new shape.

- Sizes: 60 - 120 cm
- Series: Elisir & Dolce Vita

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[B-stock] Lofra - Venezia 90 cm (2 ovens) Gas

Handmade Italian masterclass quality. Lofra Venezia offers an absolutely world-class stove, powerful, modern and stylistically pure. 5 high-effect gas burners in brass, 2 ovens with a total capacity of 100 liters and featuring 9 different functions. Prepare food like a pro with a little bit of Italy in your own home.

Why is this product sold at a discounted price?
The cookers are returned products due to small delivery damages. The cookers have aesthetical damages such as scratches. Functionally as new.

- 5 gas burners
- 2 spacious ovens
- Exclusive fittings in solid metal
- Energy Class A

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[B-stock] Lofra - Dolce Vita 90 cm (gasoven + gastop)

Dolce Vita is Lofra´s Premium collection. Hand made in Italy, with beautiful knobs and handles in solid metal, 5 gas burners and a spacious gas oven. This is a stove that will lift your entire kitchen! Perfect for those who want to cook with gas for the sake of taste or who have limited access to electricity. Lofra – add a little bit of Italy to your home.

Why are these cookers sold at a discounted price?
The cooker is a returned product and has been used for a limited time as well as having a few aesthetical damages such as scratches. Works in brand-new shape. For more information & pictures, contact customer service.

- 5 gas burners
- 1 spacious gas oven
- Energy class A

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