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Buyers Guide

Welcome to our buyers guide. Here we guide you through choosing a range cooker and explain what may be useful to consider before deciding what kind of cooker is best for you. Here you will find information about the different styles, sizes and range tops that you can choose from, among other things.

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What is a Range Cooker?

A range cooker is often seen as an exclusive wider stove with two or more ovens. We at offer Range Cookers in a number of varieties, sizes and colors. With us you can choose a cooker with a dual fuel, gas fuel, glass ceramic or induction hob.

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Choice of Details
A classic range cooker is characterized by being produced with high quality and details in solid metal. Today, almost all brands offer range cookers with different options, in addition to colour choices on the stove. Keep in mind that there is a big difference between handles and knobs in solid metal compared with knobs and handles in metal-coated bakelite plastic.

Brand and series Weight in grams Material on the handles
Steel Genesi 163 g Steel
Lofra Dolce Vita 159 g Steel
Ilve Majestic 37 g Plastic / Bakelite
Smeg Opera 22 g Plastic / Bakelite
Falcon classic 34 g Bakelit
Stoves Richmond 23 g Plastic / Bakelite
Bertazzoni Professional 30 g Plastic / Bakelite

What sizes are there?

We have cookers ranging from 60 to 150 cm to choose from. The number of ovens and cooking zones can vary among our cooker models and brands. There are a variety of choices depending on what you want in your own kitchen. Choose a rangecooker according to your cooking habits!

Which hob should I choose?

Induction Hob
The main advantage of an induction hob is the short cooking time and the reduced energy consumption. Energy efficiency is maximized because induction only heats the bottom of the range and does not heat the areas where you do not place your pans; the cooking efficiency is thus 90%. Induction hobs are very similar to the direct heat of a gas source, which gives a direct response when increasing or decreasing heat. Induction warms through magnetism and therefore pans are required to be made of a certain type of metal such as cast iron, titanium or steel.

Glass Ceramic Hob

A glass ceramic hob works because a heating element under the glass surface is heated and transfers heat to the selected cooking zone. With glass ceramic hobs, the plate itself gets hot, which is not the case with induction ranges. And on a glass ceramic hob, all types of pans can be used, unlike with an induction hob. A big advantage is that both induction and glass ceramic hobs are very easy to clean.

Gas hob

Those hooked on cooking with a gas hob know that the precision and ability to quickly and continuously adjust the temperature is unique to a gas burner. Such precision cannot be achieved on any other type of hob. A gas hob captures the craftsmanship of cooking and is undoubtedly the choice of all chefs. You do not need to think about buying special pots and pans, as a gas hob works with all types! A gas hob is often combined with an electric oven, a so-called dual-fuel hob. But we also offer cookers with a gas range combined with a gas oven, also called a "full gas" range cooker.

SABAF burner
One important thing to consider when buying a range cooker with a gas hob is what quality and type of burner the hob has. The brand SABAF is the market leader in the field of gas burners and is a good choice if you are looking for a gas cooker.

E.G.O induction
When purchasing a hob, just as when you purchase a cooker, it is important to ensure that the induction hob is of high quality. The German brand E.G.O. is the leading manufacturer of induction hobs when it comes to quality. Most major brand brands today use E.G.O induction hobs.

Which oven should I choose?

The ability to combine and match the needs of your family is clearly the current style for functional and smart hob. Just as your cooking habits control the choice of hob, they also control your choice of oven. Start by thinking about how many ovens you and your family need and want. We offer everything from 1 to 3 ovens, with different designs from different brands. The advantage of two or three ovens is that you have the opportunity to set several temperatures at the same time, thus cooking different dishes simultaneously in different ovens. The advantage of one oven is that you get a generously sized oven to work with. Often there is also a hot air function, which makes it possible to cook several dishes in the same oven without the different foods that are in the oven together at the same time affecting each other in terms of taste.

Gas oven

A gas oven is perfect for those who want to cook with gas for the sake of taste or who have limited access to electricity in a summer house. A clear advantage of a gas oven is that it warms up faster than a regular electric oven. An important thing to keep in mind with a gas oven, however, is to use plates and trays that allow heat to circulate in the oven. This is something that our gas ovens from Lofra are very good at, because their trays rest on a grill and have ventilation holes around the entire outer edge of the tray. In this way you allow the heat to circulate through the oven instead of getting the most heat from below, which is otherwise the risk with a gas oven.

Multifunction oven

In an electric multifunction oven you get several functions all in a single oven. Multifunction ovens combine different options such as top and bottom heat, broil and hot air function. This way you get the best of everything combined in the same oven. Here there are functions that fit several different cooking methods and ingredients, including baking, grilling and thawing of food. Perfect for home chefs who want to be flexible and want an oven that can handle all kinds of new recipes!

How do I clean my oven?
There are a variety of ways to clean an oven, including everything from housewives’ tricks to advanced cleaning methods. Nevertheless, you will never get away from good old manual cleaning. Both the more common type of enameled ovens and those with a pyrolysis function must be wiped off inside. The difference with pyrolysis is that it turns all possible spillage in the oven to ashes which you then wipe off. An enameled oven skips the combustion stage and has enamel adapted for spilling not to get stuck to so you can wipe lightly without having to heat the oven first.

Built In

Built in appliances are becoming more modern and are a great way to save space in your kitchen. We offer built-in ovens, hobs, microwaves, range tops and coffee machines. Combine the appliances according to your own wishes and design your own dream kitchen. Let solid craft and modern technology meet beautiful design.

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Kitchen Solutions

We offer customized complete kitchen solutions tailored to your kitchen and desires. When purchasing a range cooker with us, you have the option of supplementing with a refrigerator and dishwasher from the same design series. Appliances in the same series give your kitchen a consistent and well-crafted look. Feel free to consult our experienced customer service team to help you put together your unique kitchen package!

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Complete your stove with accessories

Get more out of your cooking with accessories customized for your range cooker. We offer everything from fans to splash guards and baking trays!

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Our brands

In our wide range of options you will find well-known brands from all over Europe. All brands have years of experience and a solid history of manufacturing range cookers, with a love for cooking and technology at the absolute forefront! More information about all our brands can be found here >


Frequently Asked Questions

Here we list answers to some of the most common questions we get regarding our various range cookers. Do you have more questions? Do not hesitate to contact our experienced customer service team.

1, How do I clean my induction hob?
No matter what kind of hob you have, it is important to let the plates cool first before cleaning. Both induction and glass ceramic hobs are easier to clean than hobs with cast iron plates, because the surface is completely smooth. It makes it harder for grease and other spillage to get stuck. Therefore, you can do quite a bit with just a cloth and some dish soap or a detergent specifically designed to dissolve grease stains. Hard to remove food scraps can be scraped off with a special scraper that you can use without scratching the glass range. Wipe off with a dry cloth afterwards to give it a shiny look.

2, How do I clean my gas hob?
Allow the hob to cool completely before cleaning for best results. A gas hob consists of several components that can be removed: both cookware holders and the burners themselves are easy to move from the hob to make it easier to clean. The parts made of cast iron on your gas hob are also easy to clean with some dish soap and warm water.

A gas hob with a base of stainless steel also makes it easier to clean. Use a damp cloth with a little detergent on the stainless steel surfaces. Keep in mind, however, that you should not use chlorine cleaners on stainless steel. Also, do not use sponges that scratch on the stove as doing so risks making scratches on the steel. Finish by polishing the surface with a cleaner made for steel.

3, How do I clean the glass on the oven door?
Depending on the oven model, you can sometimes remove the glass pane from the oven door and clean separately. If it is not possible on your oven, however, it is perfectly fine to clean the glass in place. Use a cleaning agent specifically meant for oven cleaning, or why not try a well-proven housewives’ trick, such as bicarbonate and water.

4, Will my Lofra range cooker include a socket?
Lofra cookers are delivered standard without the corresponding socket. However, for cooker sizes that offer the corresponding socket we will ship the socket together with the cooker at no extra charge when buying a cooker. Let us know when purchasing if you would like a socket for your Lofra range cooker.

5, Why are Lofra's baking trays smaller than usual trays?
Lofra’s trays are placed on the oven grill instead of the side rails inside the oven. This is because the air in the oven circulates better with a grill plate, thus providing even heat dissipation in the oven. This is very common on professional stoves around Europe. Should you wish for a baking tray that does not rest on a grill, we offer this as an accessory that you can buy for your Lofra range cooker.

6, Can you perform an installation without an authorized installer?
A stove with a plug allows you to install it yourself while a stove with a fixed connection must be installed by an electrical installation company. Both natural gas and normal gas require a qualified installer. LPG, on the other hand, you can install yourself, but we still recommend using a LPG gas installer to be sure that all rules are followed and that all warranties apply. Many times, a qualified installer is required for the warranty on the cooker to apply. More information about installations can be found under our installation guide.

7, Why does my induction hob make noise?
An induction hob makes several different sounds during use. For example, if the cooktop is on low power, a button-catching sound can be heard, while high power may instead emit a humming noise. The heating zones also have a cooling fan that prevents the electronics from becoming overheated. You will therefore also experience a buzzing noise from the ventilator, which may sound even after switching off the stove. All these sounds are quite normal, but should not be so loud that they are a nuisance. If you experience louder noise than described above, it is probably because the pots and pans you use are not optimal for an induction hob.

Your cookware should preferably have a thick bottom of magnetic iron, but many manufacturers today use other materials. Pots that are made of 100% copper, aluminum or non-magnetic stainless steel will unfortunately not work on your induction cooktop because it uses magnetism. If your induction stove snaps or bumps, it is therefore a good idea to review your kitchen utensils and possibly replace some pots and pans.

You can easily test which of your pots or pans you can use on an induction stove. All you need is a simple magnet (such as a refrigerator magnet). Put the magnet against the bottom of your pan and if the magnet sticks, the pan will work on your induction stove. However, the absolute best use for your induction stove is to use cooking equipment with 100% iron in the bottom.

The installation of your rangecooker

At we are happy to answer your questions and give you advice on the installation of your rangecooker! We do not offer installation services, but will be happy to put you in touch with authorized installers.

More information about installations can be found under our installation guide.

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