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Buyers Guide

Welcome to our buyers guide. This will explain what should be considered prior to your purchase of a Range Cooker. Here you will find information about the various styles, sizes and hobs from among which you can choose. You will also find information about installing a gas cooker, as well as the safety aspects you need to consider.

If you still have questions after having read our buyer’s guide, you are very welcome to contact our customer support, and we will get back to you via e-mail or telephone.

What is a Range Cooker?

A Range Cooker often refers to a wider stove (with two or more ovens) with more than four gas hobs. At we offer Range Cookers in all styles, sizes and colours. You can choose cookers with gas hobs, ceramic hobs or induction hobs. In our assortment you will find brands from many European countries. If you are looking for something we don’t have on our homepage, you are more than welcome to contact our customer support, and we will do our best to help you out!

Which design to choose?

Italian cooker design

The Italian cooker style is easily recognisable by its elegant design, often with chrome and brass detailing. You will find Italian cooker design from brands like Bertazzoni, Lofra and Ilve. Treat yourself and your kitchen to a cooker with a touch of Italian luxury!

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English cooker design

If you are looking for the classic Range Cooker, the English style might be what you are looking for! Inspired by the legendary AGA-model and its soft shapes, this is a classic in many English homes.

French cooker design

The french style is recognisable by its clean lines, deatils in chrome and starformed handles. Lacanche and La Cornue are range cookers which represents the french style and feeling.

Which size to choose?

Range Cooker

A genuine Range Cooker is, at minimum, 90 cm wide, and is available in several different sizes (up to 200 cm). However, the most common size of a Range Cooker is 110 cm, as this size allows plenty of space for additional ovens (and often has up to 8 gas burners). At we offer a wide range of different Range Cookers with widths of 90 to 120 cm. See above for the differences between cookers of the size 90 to 110 cm.

Mini Range Cooker

In the last few years, smaller cookers (Mini Range Cookers) have become available on the market. Mini Range Cookers are attractive, smaller versions of the larger cookers with some of the features of the larger rangecookers. At you will find Mini Range Cookers with the width 60 cm.

Which hob to choose?

Todays’ Range Cookers are often available with gas hobs, ceramic hobs or induction hobs. However, for the cooking enthusiast or trained chef we recommend a gas hob! If you are connected to the gas main network, it is very easy to install a Range Cooker. If you don’t have access to the main gas network, you can install LPG bottles instead. We will help you with the installation of your cooker when you buy a cooker from us. You are welcome to contact our customer support.

If you don’t have access to gas (and don’t want to install LPG bottles), you can choose the classic ceramic hob instead. The ceramic hob is reliable and does not react so swiftly when the temperature is adjusted. However, in recent years the induction hob has become more established on the market and more people are choosing it because of its workability, modern design and swift reaction to power change. The induction hob is very easy to clean, in addition to being energy efficient. If you are considering investing in an induction hob, you should keep in mind that you will lose some of the speed and power of a gas hob, and that some of your pots and pans may not work with the induction hob and thus have to be replaced.

Install your rangecooker

We are happy to assist you with the installation of your cooker. In some cases this is a requirement from the manufacturer in order for the warranty to apply. Read our guide on installation support for additional information.

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