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Install your rangecooker

We are happy to assist you with the installation of your cooker! In some cases this is also a requirement from the manufacturer in order for the warranty to apply. For further information on how an installation is conducted, please see below.

Installing a gas or dual-fuel range cooker

Our range cookers can be installed and connected to the main gas network with LNG (G20) or with LPG cylinders (G30). It is important that you inform us about what kind of cooker you want, prior to ordering it; otherwise a technician has to adjust the pressure afterwards. The installation of a gas or a dual-fuel range cooker must be done by a GAS safe registered engineer in accordance with gas safety regulations. We can arrange this installation for you!

In light of safety concerns, we recommend that the LPG bottles are installed on the outside of the house. Copper tubing is fitted at the back of the cooker to the connection point outside the house. Ideally, two LPG bottles are placed in a cage to ensure that you will not run out of gas. It is not an easy task to install copper tubing and we therefore recommend that you hire us to do the work.

Risks with gas?

There is always a higher risk in having a gas cooker at home than is the case with an electrical cooker. However, it is important to point out that today’s gas cookers are very safe and there are few accidents. They are generally fitted with a safety switch by the knob that ignites the burner by an electrical spark. The spark will only be activated when the gas is turned on and therefore the gas is burnt immediately. It is therefore not possible to leave the gas knob open and release gas into the room. Nevertheless, gas should always be handled with care!

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