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Here you can find practical kitchen utensils that make food preparation easier and more fun.


Skeldervik - Pizza tray

A pizza tray lets you enjoy a perfect homemade pizza in a matter of minutes, straight from your oven. The pizza tray is simple to use. Place it on a wire shelf at the very top of your oven with the grill set to maximum temperature. Due to the very good heat transfer ability of the pizza steel, you can recreate the conditions in a wood-fired pizza oven at 400 degrees. You can make all kinds of delicious restaurant-quality meals, from pizzas and bread to desserts and pastries with fantastic results and in no time at all!

- Pizza tray for ovens
- Simple to use
- Retains the heat so you can bake several pizzas one after the other

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Lofra – Barbecue tray in cast iron

Barbecue tray in cast iron from Lofra fits all Lofra gas cookers. The barbecue tray has a ribbed surface and is very easy to place and remove from the cooktop. Treat yourself to the luxury of having freshly grilled meat, fish, chicken, potatoes and vegetables – at every meal!

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Lofra - Teppanyaki cooker table

Teppanyaki cooker table in stainless steel fits all Lofra gas cookers. The cooker table is very heavy but easy to place on the cooktop and stands firmly once installed.

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Lofra - Wok ring

Wok ring in cast iron from Lofra fits all Lofra gas cookers. Place the wok ring on the gas burner and put your wok on top – now you can start woking!

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