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Lofra was founded in 1956 by the Lovato brothers, who recycled war material to produce stainless steel gas stoves for household use during the post-war period. In the 80's, production took off when their sons took over the company. The sons invested in product development and became one of the leading stove manufacturers in Italy. New stove designs took shape, including Curva, with its patented arched front, and Dolce Vita, with its traditional stove design. Embeddable ovens and hobs also became a major part of the range.

In those days, as is the case today, production took place just outside Venice in the small village of Torreglia in northern Italy. The stoves are manufactured by hand with well-chosen materials. When you combine a long tradition, a deep love for cooking and cutting edge technology, the result is a world-class stove.

Today we offer everything from Lofra, from luxurious stoves to a full kitchen suite with a stove, splash cover, fan, dishwasher and refrigerator. Lofra stoves are characterised by their Italian design and are available in anything from 60 to 150 centimetres wide, in a variety of colours and details. Choose from gas, induction or ceramic hob as well as a varying number of ovens. Lofra - a little bit of Italy in your kitchen!

Dolce vita Series

Dolce Vita has a wide range of products, which are characterised by a traditional stove design along with elaborately beautiful details. Choose from brass, bronze or chrome details and a variety of colour combinations. With top-class technology and features that will suit home chefs as well as professionals, this stove will live up to all your expectations and is suitable for all kinds of cooking in your kitchen. Aside from stoves, the Dolce Vita range also includes refrigerators, dishwashers, and coffee machines that will complement your stove and add consistency to the look of your kitchen.

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Curva series

Professional Curva from the Italian brand Lofra is the perfect stove for those who wish to make a statement in the kitchen. Curva's patented design with a curved front is what gives the stove its characteristic appearance. Choose from 10 different colours as well as from gas or induction hobs. A unique combination of modern stove design and world-leading technology!

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Embeddable appliances are becoming more fashionable and are a great way to save space in your kitchen. From Lofras Dolce Vita series, we offer embeddable ovens, hobs, microwaves, range tops and coffee machines. Combine the appliances according to your own wishes and design your own dream kitchen. Combine genuine quality and modern technology in the best way to achieve a beautiful design.

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Kitchen solutions

Now you can finally buy a complete kitchen solution from Lofra's exclusive Dolce vita series at a favourable package price. Buy a stove and complete your kitchen with a fridge and dishwasher in the same traditional Italian style! Dolce vita is the Lofra series characterised by the latest technology as well as beautiful details in brass, chrome or bronze. Appliances bought from the same series give your kitchen a consistent and well-crafted look.

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Choice of size

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Lofra – A little bit of Italy in your kitchen!

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