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As early as 1777, the innovative John Flavel began work on what we nowadays call Rangemaster. Rangemaster presented the world's first stove, which was then manufactured in cast iron and was called the Kitchener. It could be used to boil, fry, bake and heat - all using the heat from the same heat source. Kitchener is considered to be one of the 19th century’s greatest inventions and has been used by royals such as Queen Victoria and King Edward VII.

After the First World War, developments in gas and electricity paved the way for the next generation of cookers. Throughout this, Rangemaster remained the foremost in stove design and cooking technology with their sharp sense for innovation. Many of the developments in today's household cooking equipment originated in Leamington Spa's development laboratory in England. For example, Rangemaster was first to be able to offer stoves in different colours and dual burning stoves. But it was in 1995 that the initiative for today's Falcon stove started out. With the same classic design inspired by the English countryside but with innovative, cutting edge technology. The new modern stove was a real success with Rangemaster's customers and modern range cooking was created. With its distinctive design and at least three ovens, Rangemaster is currently one of our most popular rangecookers.

Rangemaster is part of the AGA Rangemaster group, which produces AGA, Falcon and La Cornue, as well as many other well-established brands in stove design and cooking.

Classic Series

With elegantly designed facade doors and a handy towel rail, the Classic & Classic deluxe offers everything you would expect from a modern stove, presented in classic English style. It offers the perfect cooker for those who want a rustic kitchen with a unique stove with a host of functions and features. Available in 8 different colour combinations.

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French Series

The essence of classic French range cooking inspired by generations of gourmet excellence. French series includes the Elise Rangemaster cooker. And whether you opt for the 110cm, 100cm or 90cm model, there are seven vibrant colours to choose from. Both dual fuel and induction. Elise gives the real feelig of chic elegans to your kitchen.

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Modern Series

Rangemaster modern series will impress a home chef as well as a professional chef with its high-performance features and sleek design. Comes in 90, 100 and 110 cm with both ceramic, dual fuel and induction. The modern series includes Professional Deluxe, Nexus and Kitchener.

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